Ajantha Technologies which is the Design Organisation (DO) has developed and qualified the products and systems for Sewer management and Safety systems to suit the requirements and challenges of Indian sewer system. SANITOR has signed MoU as a Production Organisation to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and to be the sole distributor for all the products developed and being developed by Ajantha Technologies in Sewer and environmental systems in India.

Products manufactured and distributed by SANITOR

  • 1. Sewer Croc
  • 2. Sewer line Inspection robot system
  • 3. Composite Manhole Lid
  • 4. Manhole Lid Gas detector
  • 5. Sewer Line Gas extraction system (Amphibian)
  • 6. Overflow Detection and Lid Open indication system

SANITOR offer the following Services:

  • 1. INDUCTION/ORIENTATION: It is short and informative training program to make the trainees understand the trade, organisational aspects, procedures rules and regulations. Trainees will get familiar with the job and with the equipment
  • 2. ON THE JOB TRAINING: To increase the knowledge and skills of an employee for improving performance on the job.  It may include  Informing about machine and its handling  Process of production  Methods to be used  The purpose is to reduce accidents, waste, and inefficiency in performance
  • 3. SAFETY TRAINING: Training provided to minimize accidents and damage to the machinery. It involves instruction in the use of safety devices and in safety consciousness.
  • 4. Occupational Health Training:
  • 5. SANITOR will stock all the required spares for maintenance, repair and overhaul.

    Depending on the drain pipe size and specific type of clog such as grease sand sediment and roots, the type of tools and jetting machine will be decided to clear the clog. The Inspection Camera will assess the kind of clog and the assessment report will be submitted to the customer along with the estimated time for clearing the clog. In cases where the hard sediments are reported it would take more time than estimated and in such cases the actual time taken will be taken into account for calculating the cost.