Demonstration of effective functioning of Total SEWER CROC System and Robotic Camera


AT has demonstrated the followings equipment and systems to the honorable minister, principal secretary, in the presence of HMWSSb MD, Shri Dana Kishore, EDs, Directors , Sr GMs and other important officers and staff.

The honorable Minister has inaugurated and named the sewer cleaning robot as SEWER CROC.

Field trials were done on 5th, 6th and 7th of June 2018. A particular drainage line licated in Lake view area of Hyderabad, has been successfully cleared using the SEWER croc to the satisfaction of the concerned officials who closely followed the entire activity.

The total system consists of one Robotic Camera, for identifying debris , blockages, roots , sediments etc, and display on the monitor. The same data can be extracted and reported as and when needed. And 2ndly the Sewer Croc Mechanical system is a robust cutting system which disintegrates and flushes out the blockage in the sewer line. This system uses water jet from jetting machine to spin the turbine at avery high speed and cut the roots and other blockages and sediments. A particular size sewer croc body has provision to add chain cutters so as to have full circular cross sectional area Debris clearance in the drainage pipes ensuring that basic drain line is protected.