This sensor based (lo T) Internet of things systems will monitor the overflow from time to time inside the manhole and communicate to the concerned through SMS and the same information will be sent to the cloud from where extracting and reporting the information like live status on the Hyderabad map, faulty alerts, notification through SMS to configure mobile devices to monitor at the control room. Statistical data of the past is recorded.

Overflow Sensor:

This is used to monitor the overflow of the water. When the water overflows, the metal part will lift towards the proximity sensor. When the metal part nears to the sensor(within 2mm), the proximity sensor gives the indication to the MCU and the MCU will send data to Cloud as well as SMS to the pre-defined number.The SMS format used for Demo is: “WATER OVERFLOW DETECTED AT Location (xxx)”.

Lid Open Detection:

Small switch will be kept under the Tank lid, which is connected to the MCU. When the Lid is opened the MCU will sense the switch and sends the SMS alert to pre-defined Numbers.The data from the Cloud can be extracted in different formats at the control room.

Over flow Detector:

Product Demo: